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Don't let our name decieve you. Though we are a full sevice deli with amazing gourmet sandwiches and salads, our own specialties are becoming quite popular. Our favorite dishes are from all over Europe: Germany, Sweden, Croatia, Italy, Hungary & Austria to name a few. We choose several of them weekly for our lunch specials.

We cater meals for 5 - 300 people including delivery. Buffet, platters or 5 course dinners, depending on your needs.

Don't forget our amazing baked goods... Cakes, cookies, pies, rolls & cupcakes.

Anything we can do ourselves, we do do ourselves.

We are open every day and we serve our breakfast sandwiches all day long...



Welcome in to MaK's Deli. We are a traditional deli with daily specials from around the Globe. Susanne specialized in classic German dishes, such as SpƤtzle, rouladen, schnitzel and her amazing shortbread cookies. Jessica is more of an international chef with all kinds of favorites from Sweden, Croatia, Italy and the US of course. BBQ, salads, casseroles and more...



Hot Meals


Every week day we have the option of a daily special. You won't be disapointed.

Catering & Specialty items


Sandwich cakes, Burek, gourmet baskets, customized baked goods & more...

We offer discounts to city & government employees as well as students & staff at all Sonoma county schools.


Every week you can enjoy home made Paleo/LCHF meals delivered to your front door.

Meals are $10/person

plus $10 for delivery


News & Events


Leberkase & weisswurst

Farmer's Market

Thursdays & Fridays

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101 E Cotati Ave

Cotati, CA 94931


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